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Lower Sharpham Farm

Located in the picturesque Dart River Valley within the Sharpham Estate, Lower Sharpham Farm is an 80 acre organic farm which is managed for nature, wildlife and learning. The farm is a member of the higher level stewardship scheme which ensures that their environmental management and animal welfare practices are of the highest possible standard.

Lower Sharpham Farm is a collaboration between The Sharpham Trust, Ambios and United Response. Ambios is an organisation that runs not-for-profit UK and European training projects that help people achieve their goals for conservation, science, education and employment. There is a small residential base on the farm where national and international trainees and volunteers with different backgrounds and abilities come to learn about conservation, rural skills and share their ideas.
Cattle graze the 80 acres in an organic management programme to ensure the best habitat is created for wildlife including farmland birds, small mammals and insects. A small market garden growing wild flowers and plants provides the farm with fresh produce as well as providing different habitats for many different species.

From April 2020 Lower Sharpham Farm is taking on Home Farm, an additional 60 acres of farmland in order to rewild it and to expand their training resources. This new and exciting direction of land management aims to restore biodiversity within the beautiful Dart Valley, giving nature the opportunity to recover from the effects of modern farming.

United Response is a charity that has been operating for 15 years at Lower Sharpham Farm to engage adults with learning disabilities in agriculture-related activities. The farm keeps free range organic hens that are cared for by a dedicated team from United Response, so by choosing to buy Lower Sharpham Farm Organic Free Range eggs in Greenlife you are making a contribution to nature conservation in our local area and supporting the work of United Response. And of course you are guaranteed some delicious, organic, high quality, local produce!