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Luscombe Drinks

Luscombe have been producing quality drinks since 1997. Their bespoke recipes use only premium organic ingredients, with no artificial additives, sweeteners or concentrates.

Sourcing ingredients directly from trusted growers around the world, their premium drinks are produced locally in Devon. They have a policy to select ingredients according to the countries and climates where they thrive in order to ensure truly sumptuous taste profiles. This passion and commitment to using the finest quality ingredients, and their no compromise approach to crafting premium drinks without additives has resulted in Luscombe Drinks receiving multiple awards for their beautiful products.

At Greenlife we are proud to stock a wide range of Luscombe Drinks on our shelves and in our fridges. Luscombe apple juices are among the finest you will ever taste and their organic cider has a great clean taste, but their range includes tons of exotic and interesting flavours. Summer favourites include their amazing Sicilian Lemonade and Damascene Rose Bubbly, and their warming Hot Ginger Beer is a firm best seller all the year round, great as a mixer and perfect for anyone who enjoys a ginger beer with a real kick.

The Luscombe Drinks Story

Since 1087 the Luscombe estate has been a hive of farming activity, with the farm making an appearance in the dooms day book! Luscombe Drinks have continued the estates story, crafting and perfecting their drinks on the farm since 1975.

Apples have always been at the heart of Luscombe. Cider has been pressed and fermented on site since the twelfth century. Traditionally, workers were paid, at least in part, with cider – up to a rather generous five gallons in the summer. That’s how things were done here right up until the 1970’s!

The Luscombe family left the farm around 1750, and it wasn’t for another two centuries that the current owner, Julian David, opened the next chapter in the Luscombe story. Julian relished the opportunity to rejuvenate Luscombe’s cider pressing heritage, and continued the tradition, selling freshly pressed drinks from the farm gate. Production increased over the years and, in 1983, Luscombe cider earned first prize and the Reserve Champion Award at the Devon County Show.

Then, in 1997, Gabriel David returned from a spell in Sicily, to join his father in the family business. Inspired to bring home the evocative flavours of his travels, he began crafting classic English soft drinks and juices from organic ingredients. Every drink was – and still is today – entirely free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings or enhancers. With an ever-growing collection of awards and accolades, and Gabriel at the helm, Luscombe Drinks is still very much a family business.

Now supplying more than 12 countries, the business continues to remain faithful to its principles and to serve up ever more innovative natural flavours.